Bonacca Town Tour

Wandering around the warren of tight streets, walkways and canal bridges in Bonacca makes for a culturally interesting tour. This short 2 hour visit is generally conducted on Tuesday afternoons or whichever day we skip the afternoon dive in exchange for a night dive.  The tour is conducted by a local guide who also runs the islands “Books on Wheels” program, distributing books written in English to local children to help improve their reading and language skills. If you enjoy the tour, a $3.00 – $5.00 per person gratuity would be appropriate.

You can also help support the Books on Wheels program or other programs which support the local community.

Click here to learn more about our efforts working with the Pack for a Purpose organization.

Bo’s Waterfall

At some point during the week when we are returning from diving, or simply killing time on a surface interval, we’ll stop at Bo’s Place.  We’ll take some time to explore the surrounding gardens and then take a short hike up to one of Guanaja’s small but extremely picturesque waterfalls.

Sea Angel Tour

Friday afternoons (weather permitting) we pack up the bar and the staff and head out for an afternoon tour aboard the Sea Angel. We’ll motor our way along Guanaja’s south eastern shore passing small settlements and numerous cays before heading back at sunset.

Self-Guided Kayaking

Clark’s Cay has 2 sea kayaks available for complimentary use by our guests. Guests are free paddle to the main island or simply tour around the waters. Those interested in a more in-depth kayak experience can opt for an all-day sea kayaking tour with a hired guide.