Fly Fishing

Just as Guanaja is one of the best-kept diving secrets in the Caribbean, the same can be said for its fly-fishing. Though it offers some of the most pristine and untouched permit and bonefish flats in the Caribbean, you’re not likely to be sharing the flats with any other anglers other than those fishing with experts from Fly Fish Guanaja. Fly Fish Guanaja is a catch and release operation that takes nothing from the resource.

Experience some of he most orestine and untouched permit and bonefish flats in tha Caribbean with Fly Fish Guanaja

Here is a sample of what you can fish for:

Bonefish: The bone-fishing in Guanaja is phenomenal. We hunt big singles reaching 10 pounds right in front of the lodge. Guanaja has several flats surrounding the island and we see schools of 10-200 fish all day long. In general, the bonefish in Guanaja are bigger than most in Belize and Mexico. We regularly land 5-8 pound bonefish.

Permit: Guanaja is one of the few permit fisheries in the world. We see on average 10-50 permit a day and get several shots. Our permit range from juveniles to full blown giants over 30 pounds. We find permit tailing on the flats all over the South Keys (our lodge is one of these keys), and also fish them in river mouths and deeper water. We use 10 weight fly rods for permit.

Tarpon and Snook: We catch baby tarpon and snook where the rivers meet the flats. Our baby tarpon range from 5-40 pounds and we sight-cast to them on the moving tide. We also have big resident tarpon reaching over 100 pounds. We often get into large schools of snook and land over 20 in a session. We use 8-10 weight rods for the baby tarpon and 12 weights for the giants.

Trigger Fish: Every flat has a couple of trigger fish all the time in Guanaja. The trigger-fish get up to 25 pounds and are a blast to catch on a fly. They are generally more forgiving than permit and put up a wild fight.

Barracuda: Guanaja is surrounded by barracuda ranging from 1-40 pounds. We fish barracuda on slack tides or when they are molesting our bonefish. We enjoy watching them explode on flies and also use conventional tackle when necessary.

Jacks: There are several different kinds of jacks around Guanaja. We see big schools moving fast and furious and cast flies to the boiling water