Island Activities

At some point during your stay, you just may want to pull yourself out of the freshwater lazy river and explore the saltwater flats that surround the Island.

Whether you do it sitting, standing, snorkeling or soaring through the air on your kiteboard, the shallow, warm water around the Cay make for a welcoming environment.

Explore the flats surrounding the island while sitting, standing, snorkeling or soaring through the air on your kiteboard,

Kayaks and SUP's

Clark's Cay offers guests complimentary use of their 3 kayaks and paddleboards, which can easily be launched from the beach.

If you are new to paddle boarding, this is a great place to give it a go!  Our SUP's are "beginner level," meaning designed for stability.  People of all ages, shapes, and sizes can generally learn to paddleboard in just a few hours.  Paddling improves your balance, connects you with nature, and is good exercise!

Our 3 Scramblers by Ocean Kayaks are also extremely stable boats. They are easy to maneuver and track well in just about all conditions.  And yes...based on one of the images below, it seems they are also suitable for napping!

Yoga and Massage Room

Our seaside wellness center is tucked away on the private south-side of the cay. It is an ideal location for a bit of pampering with our on-call masseur or for an exercise break.

We so few people on the island, there are actually many options for tranquil spots for your yoga session.

Finish off the experience with a brisk outdoor shower from one of our 4 “shower trees!”


Wind conditions in Guanaja make it an ideal location for kiteboarding during the spring months when the winds are high and consistent.

Boarders with their own equipment are welcomed guests at Clark's!

Gift Shop

For many people, shopping generally qualifies as an activity!  It may not take you long to shop at the little gift shop, but it is quality and not quantity that counts!