The Waterpark

Imagine one island, 20 guests, almost as many staff, and a private waterpark guaranteed to bring the kid out in anyone! Doesn’t that sound like your kind of place?

The Clark’s Cay Team, divers themselves, know their guests enjoy nothing more than being in the water. Any water, all the time.

So, in 2017, while renovating the island amenities, they decided to build a private waterpark for their guests’ enjoyment during their “surface intervals!”

The waterpark originally included a spa and an infinity pool with a waterslide entering a meandering lazy river, complete with a tunnel and waterfall.

In 2019, the Team expanded the waterpark “toys” to include some giant inflatable ride-on floats, and just off the sandy beach, a water trampoline. Paddleboards are now available in addition to kayaks. And lest we forget to mention it – the PADI dive operation offers up to three boat dives daily!

The pool was quickly upgraded to include a color-changing light show. The friendly and observant pool bar staff now use the show to time their drink deliveries. If the light is green when you float by the pool bar and call out your order, you’re guaranteed to have a new drink in hand by the next green loop.

No matter when you can go, Clark’s warm and welcoming staff are ready to help you truly unwind, and have the vacation of a lifetime.

Enjoy a private waterpark guaranteed to bring the kid out in anyone!