A devastating fire ripped through nearby Bonacca, where many of our staff live.  They have lost everything: their homes, clothing, personal effects gone, everything burned. (Clark's Cay and Guanaja Airport were not affected by the fire.)

Please open your hearts and donate to the wonderful staff who has brought smiles to your faces over the years. Their families are desperate for any help you can give.

There are several ways you can help.

Monetary Donations

We have a gofundme page set up to accept cash donations.  In many cases, this is the most helpful so we can simply purchase what is needed at the time.

Material Donations

Donations can be boxed and shipped to:

Guanaja Disaster Relief
1308 Village Creek Dr.
Suite 1000
Plano Texas 75093

Items Needed

Clothing, shoes and small household items, linens, towels, etc. are all helpful. Food is complicated and transport is difficult so please avoid those items.

In Person Donations

If you will be traveling to Guanaja soon, the same items can be taken with you as well.  If you can consolidate it into separate suitcases, that will be helpful so that we can make sure it gets from your international destination to Guanaja at no charge to you.